Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scouting around....

Today I went shopping in Wal-mart with my foster mommy. Actually, Wal-mart was just one of the many places she took me. Let me just say that the shiny floor in the new JCPenney's store is very SLICK...and the aisles in Babies R Us are very crowded...and there are a lot of gripy people that stand in line at the Post Office.

But in Wal-mart we were shopping in the doggie section looking for treats and a little boy was so excited to see me in the store! He immediately asked his mommy if he could come pet me. I didn't mind, but his mommy told him he couldn't pet me because I was "working" (She was is a lot of work for me!). When he asked her how I was "working" she said that I was "a special dog that was learning how to help people". He looked me over, standing there in my jacket with my Wilderwood patch on it, then asked his mom, "Is he a doggie Boy Scout?

Am I?

Friday, March 12, 2010

I am the Star of the Show!

Today my foster mommy and I went to speak at Concord Christian School about disabilities. This is the first time I have been the featured attraction at a school and I was very excited. Mommy bought me a new doggie bone bandana to wear. (I am still trying to decide if I like wearing a bandana...or if I like chewing on it instead).

When we got there, I got tons of attention as I walked down the hallway towards the auditorium. I think I was the cause of several kids getting in trouble because they were paying more attention to me than their teacher. I am pretty cute, though, and was showing off a bit as we walked by.
We finally got to the auditorium and all of the kids started coming in. They were all trying to get the closest seat to where I was...which caused the teacher to get on to them once again. I decided this would be a great time to be the perfect, obedient dog. Mommy kept waiting for me to be my normal "alpha" self, but I just sat there and watched all of the kids play all of these games that help them understand what it is like to have a disability. One of them even had a bandana on just like me, but it was over her eyes to help her understand what it is like to be blind. I am sure hoping mommy keeps mine around my neck and doesn't put it over my eyes! I have enough trouble seeing with all of this hair on my face! Mommy also tied a child's feet together so that they could try to walk. It kinda reminded me of when I get all tangled up in my leash.
The only time I got up was when this girl tried to make a peanut butter sandwich while blindfolded. I REALLY like peanut butter and as soon as it reached my nose I started looking for it. As luck would have it, she couldn't see me sneaking up on her to snatch away that piece of bread. Unfortunately, mommy COULD see me, and she got me just as my mouth was about to snatch that sandwich away. (This is why it is probably better that I am a service dog and not a seeing eye dog. I would be the fattest dog in town.)
I did all of my obedience tricks for the kids and they could tell that I am a very smart dog! After mommy finished her presentation she asked if anyone had any questions. All of the kids raised their hand to ask, "Can we pet the dog????" Mommy said "yes" and the picture shows what happened next. I have so many new friends!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet my brother ZACH!

This is my brother Zach! As you can see, we are not twins! He has a marbled coat just like mine, but his coat has dark brown, light brown, medium brown, and...well, "brown" brown! We are about the same size, even though I reached this size before he did.
When I went to my trainer today with my foster mommy, Zach and his foster sister were there working with Heather. I thought it might be my brother, but I waited until he finished his training before me and mommy wandered over closer. Mommy asked if he was Zach, and I was really excited to find out that it was.
The sad part was that he wasn't particularly excited about seeing me. I don't think he remembers that we were once in the same puppy bed together just a few months ago. He barked and barked and barked at me while I just sat there and gave him some space. My mommy asked if we could get closer to him and Heather gave us the okay. I moved right in, and Zach moved right out! He barked even louder and tried to get away from me. It took a long time and a lot of coaxing before he decided I was okay to be around.
As you can see, Zach is a beautiful dog! He just went to the groomers last week and he is quite a ball of fluff. My coat, on the other hand, is cut short, especially where I got bubble gum attached to it and my mommy had to cut it out! That's another story....
Zach and I may be brothers, but we are very different. Besides our color, Zach is a barker and I never bark. My mommy has only heard me bark 3 times since getting me in December! The other thing that is very noticable is that my tail (stubby as it is!) stands up and wags when I am happy. In fact, it wags a bunch because I am happy a bunch. Zach's foster sister said that his tail lays flat all the time, even when he is happy. But those are the things that make each of us unique and special.
After Zach left, Heather gave me and mommy a chance to show her what I have perfected. I did a very good job at "waiting" while mommy walked away from me. I also sat and laid down on command. Mommy walked me with a loose leash and I stayed right by her and never pulled. Then when mommy walked far, far away and called me I ran straight to her! Of course, it helps when she has my favorite treat in her hand! (She thinks I am obedient, but actually I am just wanting the treats!) Now I get to learn to "touch" and "snuggle" on command. Mommy and I are already practicing the snuggling part tonight!
It's been a very big day for me! Besides meeting my brother and going to train with Heather, I went to TWO Wal-marts, drove through Sonic, went to work with Mommy, and played with my "people friends" Karen and Juanita. That is why I am now plopped down on the floor! Mommy says tomorrow will be a fun day, too, so I am going to get some sleep and dream about my brother Zach. I hope we graduate with each other so that I can meet his new family and introduce him to mine! That would be really special.