Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet my brother ZACH!

This is my brother Zach! As you can see, we are not twins! He has a marbled coat just like mine, but his coat has dark brown, light brown, medium brown, and...well, "brown" brown! We are about the same size, even though I reached this size before he did.
When I went to my trainer today with my foster mommy, Zach and his foster sister were there working with Heather. I thought it might be my brother, but I waited until he finished his training before me and mommy wandered over closer. Mommy asked if he was Zach, and I was really excited to find out that it was.
The sad part was that he wasn't particularly excited about seeing me. I don't think he remembers that we were once in the same puppy bed together just a few months ago. He barked and barked and barked at me while I just sat there and gave him some space. My mommy asked if we could get closer to him and Heather gave us the okay. I moved right in, and Zach moved right out! He barked even louder and tried to get away from me. It took a long time and a lot of coaxing before he decided I was okay to be around.
As you can see, Zach is a beautiful dog! He just went to the groomers last week and he is quite a ball of fluff. My coat, on the other hand, is cut short, especially where I got bubble gum attached to it and my mommy had to cut it out! That's another story....
Zach and I may be brothers, but we are very different. Besides our color, Zach is a barker and I never bark. My mommy has only heard me bark 3 times since getting me in December! The other thing that is very noticable is that my tail (stubby as it is!) stands up and wags when I am happy. In fact, it wags a bunch because I am happy a bunch. Zach's foster sister said that his tail lays flat all the time, even when he is happy. But those are the things that make each of us unique and special.
After Zach left, Heather gave me and mommy a chance to show her what I have perfected. I did a very good job at "waiting" while mommy walked away from me. I also sat and laid down on command. Mommy walked me with a loose leash and I stayed right by her and never pulled. Then when mommy walked far, far away and called me I ran straight to her! Of course, it helps when she has my favorite treat in her hand! (She thinks I am obedient, but actually I am just wanting the treats!) Now I get to learn to "touch" and "snuggle" on command. Mommy and I are already practicing the snuggling part tonight!
It's been a very big day for me! Besides meeting my brother and going to train with Heather, I went to TWO Wal-marts, drove through Sonic, went to work with Mommy, and played with my "people friends" Karen and Juanita. That is why I am now plopped down on the floor! Mommy says tomorrow will be a fun day, too, so I am going to get some sleep and dream about my brother Zach. I hope we graduate with each other so that I can meet his new family and introduce him to mine! That would be really special.

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