Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bishop the Nurse

Today my foster mommy was very, very sick! Someone gave her a "bug" and it made her "loose her cookies". ..and her supper...and everything else that ever dreamed of being inside her! (This explains why there is no picture. It was NOT pretty!) I usually like bugs, but I sure don't like the one that made my mommy feel so yucky.

Mommy got sick around 10 p.m. and continued to be sick for about 12 hours. I felt so sorry for her! She was so sick that she couldn't even go upstairs to her bedroom, so she slept on the couch and I slept on the floor beside her. Well, actually we didn't sleep because she kept getting up and running through the house to the bathroom. Poor mommy kept throwing up and I kept running right beside her everytime she jumped up. Mommy said I was a very good nurse because while she was hanging her head over the potty I was laying my head on her shoulder. I tried to make sweet little comforting sounds in her ears, but it didn't seem to help. She finally just laid down in the bathroom floor. I was very worried about her being cold so I laid down right beside her and stayed with her the rest of the night. Mommy said she would have froze if I had not been there for her. (Foster Daddy is such a sound sleeper he didn't even hear a thing!)

Mommy said I am a very compassionate puppy and that I am going to be a really good service dog when I grow up a little more. Even though I hated to see my mommy so sick, it was great to have her home with me all of the next day. We just laid around and snuggled together until she felt much better.

If you ever get sick and need a good, compassionate nurse, just give me a call. I have practice and I am GOOD! And remember: don't play with that bug! It isn't a nice one!

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