Monday, February 8, 2010

My new Basketball Buddy

This is Courtney, my new basketball buddy! I had so much fun going to an Upward Basketball game today! The really neat thing is that Courtney plays basketball while riding around in her super cool wheelchair! The thing I love about Courtney is that she has the cutest smile. (Check out the picture...I was trying to smile just like her!) I met so many new friends, too. And there was this really cute cheerleader named Kaitlyn who gave me a bunch of attention. I was pretty fascinated with her pompoms!
Basketballs are really big balls...much bigger than the one my foster mommy and I play with at home. Every once in a while I thought about going out there and playing with Courtney, but my mommy had that silly leash attached to me again! Courtney would put that basketball in her lap and away she would go down the court to make a basket! She was really good! I think I could be good, too, if they would let me play.
Coming home from the game we got lost in the woods and wandered around and around in the countryside. Mommy kept calling Courtney's mom, dad and grandmother to try to find out where we were so that we could get home, but no one seemed to know anything about the area we were in! Mommy tried to find us on her navigation system on her phone, but it said the street name that mommy put in didn't exist. We tried to retrace our tracks, but got lost even more. It is a good thing that I am such a good traveler...and that I am potty trained! (I really needed to go bad but Mommy wouldn't let me get out of the car since we were in the middle of nowhere!). We had started home near Rockwood and ended up somewhere out by Blount Memorial Hospital. We are not sure how we got there. Mommy said that next time she may ask to foster a bloodhound because I wasn't very much help in getting us home!
I was so happy to get to my home...and my yard! I am going to ask my foster dad to get my Mommy a map for Valentines Day!

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