Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My very first County Fair!

What a wonderful time I had today in Morristown at a County Fair designed especially for those with special needs! My foster mommy took me on this road trip...and I was so happy that she took the carseats out of the back seat so that I could stretch out all the way there.

When we got to the County Fair we found that my past "foster-foster" parents were there, too. Gary and Juanita have taken care of me when mommy was out of town, so I recogized them immediately and took off to see the sights with my buddy Gary.

And there were definitely sights to see. I had my first 'nose-to-nose" sniffing of a pig, got a good look at sheep, goats, a donkey and a pony, and got pecked by the beak of a baby duck. (Never put your nose up to a baby duck!).

I wasn't too interested in the snake, but I had a blast trying to catch bubbles in the air. Mommy put a stop to that pretty quick, though, because she didn't want me to get a tummy ache from getting soap in my mouth. The cotton candy looked really pretty, but Mommy vetoed that, too. (Not to say I didn't try to sneak up on her for a little taste).

Everything was quite fun...and when the cloggers started clogging I climbed under the bleachers for a much needed nap. The best part, though, was all of the attention that I received from everyone there. They were taking my picture and hugging me and shaking my hand... I felt like quite an important, dog, I mean. (sorry....Mommy keeps reminding me I am not a person!) I loved all of my new special needs friends! (I did figure out, though, that you need to stay out of the way of electric wheelchairs! They have some pretty wild drivers!)

After the county fair I was very tired so I climbed back in the back seat, stretched out across the entire seat, and settled in for a nice ride home. Mommy told me that I was snoring, too, and it made it hard for her to listen to the radio because it was so loud. Actually, I was just making sure I kept her awake and alert while we traveled home. I'm such a good "service" dog!

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