Friday, January 15, 2010

At the Office

Today Mommy took me to her office after I had gone with Ms. Elaine to Athens to be the "poster dog" for Wilderwood. In case I look a little sticky in the photo, I just want you to know that it was NOT my fault that some lady spilled her tea on me...not once, but twice...while I was trying to be a good dog for Ms. Elaine. Other than that, it was one fun trip!
But back to Mommy's office. Her intention was to have me sleep under her desk while she worked...which I did. (I was pretty tired after working so hard to be good with Ms. Elaine!) But once Mommy left the office for a minute I took no time in hopping up in her chair to see what she was giving all her attention to. First of all, let me say that my Mom's desk is quite a mess. She has some very interesting things amid all the clutter, though. First of all, there was a picture screen on her computer with Gavin and me on it. Pretty cool. The computer was attached to a "mouse"....which I assume is dead since it never moved and was already stiff and cold. My great find, however, was a peppermint! The wrapper wasn't so good, but the candy inside was great.
The only problem I encountered was that everytime I tried to reach for something, her chair would swivel and I would almost fall out! I don't know why she would continue to use a chair that won't stay still! When Mommy came back I sorta got in trouble for getting in her chair, but mostly I think she was just mad because I ate her last peppermint! (She did say my breath was MUCH better. Maybe I'll get another peppermint soon!)

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  1. Oh boy Bishop! Perhaps you can become her secretary!!