Sunday, January 17, 2010

Road Trip!

Today I went on my first real road trip with Mommy and Daddy to Nashville. This is a picture of me all stretched out in the back seat of the car. I laid down the minute they put me in the car and gave me my blue blanket, and there I stayed the rest of the trip.
We went to see Bonni and Drew's new house. Wow! Wood floors are fun to run on...and slide on! While everyone went out to eat I was left with my foster cousins Max (the aged Scotty) and Zoe (the wild Min Pin). We decided to play the copy cat game....I'll poop poop there. I'll pee pee there. No one like the game except us. (Actually it was pouring rain outside, so it was as much as a necessity as it was a game). The fun part was that I got to sleep in the room with Mommy for the first time. She thought I would keep her awake, but I surprised her by sleeping at the foot of the bed all night long...never once even trying to get in bed with her! (I thought this good behavior might get me a place at night in the room with them at home, but that was a big NO.)
Once again, I slept all the way home on my little blue blanket! My foster parents are so proud of me! I hope I get to travel with them again soon!

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  1. Betsy loves to run on our wood floors too! And she likes to push bones around on them with her paws and nose! She thinks making loud noises on them is lots of fun!