Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Play Ball!!!!

After several practice sessions I have finally mastered the art of playing ball! Mommy bought me a cute little ball with bones on it (one I could easily distinguish from the balls that are "no no's" and belong to Gavin). At first I just watched Mommy throw the ball....then eventually she would go get it and bring it back. I could not figure out why she would throw it away if she wanted it back so badly! Silly girl!

I finally got tired of watching this crazy routine of hers, so I started going to the ball and laying down by it. She would come and point at it, pick it up and try to put it in my mouth, or say things like "get it"...Quite frankly, I didn't want it. She was the one who kept throwing it, so she can be the one to chase after it and haul it back.

But she just kept doing it over and over, day after day, and finally I thought that if I would just grab it and run around with it in my mouth it would discourage her from throwing it. Instead she kept trying to get me to bring it to her, trying to bribe me with all sorts of things...bones, treats, bacon. She is one desperate person to get that ball back.

Finally Gavin came over and threw the ball across the room today. I really like Gavin and wanted him to have his ball back, so I ran after it and brought it back to him. That was such a simple, kind thing to do, but all of a sudden everyone was praising me, giving me treats, and hugging my neck. So when Gavin threw the ball again, I went and got it again! Same thing happened. Hugs! Praise! Attention! Treats! Well, whatever gets you the attention works for me! Now I run and get that ball as soon as it is thrown. In fact, I went and got a toy cooking pan that Molly threw across the room and brought it back. And I ran to get a plastic banana...and a toy hotdog bun...and Molly's pacifier! This is fun stuff! Maybe I am not a bouvier after all. I think I just might be a soft, curly, clumsy retriever....in black!

After teaching me this fun game, I gave Gavin the biggest lick on his cheek. He thinks it is pretty funny when I kiss him. (Actually, I was just licking the popsicle off of his face, but don't tell anyone!)

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