Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh, NO! Not again!

Today I had a very big scare! Mommy took me on a little outing to a new place. We arrived at Dr. Collin's office and everyone just loved me! The receptionist thought I was really cute, as did all the other patients in the waiting room. When they called my mommy's name I went with her down the hallway, catching the eyes of all the nurses. Gosh, they really thought I was the cutest thing they had ever seen! I still wasn't sure what we were doing at this place, but with that kind of attention, who cares!

Mommy then had to do something called "weigh in", and stepped on the scales. Poor mommy. It must have been very, very painful because she moaned very loudly, looked quite upset, and was mumbling about the food she ate over the holidays. (I thought she had liked the food! She sure ate a lot of it!)

We went on down the hall and was led into a room, and that is where I saw it! A metal table with paper on it. Terrible thoughts and flashbacks came to my head...memories of very, very bad things happening to me when I have been on a table just like that. I am sorry to say that I absolutely went crazy! I tried to escape! I jumped. I pulled. I cried. But mommy made me stay. I was so upset. No one had explained to me that MOMMY was the patient. I thought it was me again!

I was so upset at mommy that when the doctor came in I let a giant "whiff" escape from my behind side, embarrassing mommy really bad. You should have seen her trying to make the doctor believe it wasn't her! I don't think he believed her, though!

I was very thankful that the Tetinus shot went in HER, not ME! And I was very thankful that I got out of there with everything I went in with...unlike the last time I went to a doctor's office!

Although I thought mommy hated being weighed, she has now gone and bought some scales for our house. Tonight she weighed me! I am a 35.2 lb puppy! And I am only 4 1/2 months old!

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