Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

Yesterday Mommy became concerned because I wasn't eating my food or chewing on my chewbones. She thought I might be a little sick, but actually my mouth was having trouble chewing on anything hard because my teeth are falling out! In fact, yesterday FOUR teeth fell out! Mommy finally figured it out when she started finding teeth in the floor
("Here's your sign", Mommy!)
Gavin was with us spending the night and he was very concerned that my baby teeth were falling out. Mommy tried to explain to him that it was perfectly normal, and that when he is five or six, his baby teeth will fall out, too! Then she opened my mouth and let him see the places where my teeth had once been! Gavin was NOT impressed. He said he was NOT going to lose HIS baby teeth when he got older. He said, instead, he is going to lose his baby toes...and then big ones could grow back.
This was all very hard for me to understand until Mommy explained about putting my teeth under my pillow for theTooth Fairy! Well, who needs to understand? Just bring on the toothfairy!
Last night I left my teeth under my pillow (well, not exactly. I left them under my mouse since I don't have a pillow of my own) and this morning the Tooth Fairy had left me a.....hotdog! Yes, a nice, soft-to-eat hotdog. Life is good. (So are hotdogs!)
There is no picture today. I don't want to smile with my teeth missing.

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