Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bishop the Bell Ringer....again!

Today was my very lucky day! It was time for Mommy, Daddy and I to ring the bell again for the Salvation Army....but it was cold and pouring down rain! We figured we were going to be very wet and cold before our shift was up, but when we got to the new Krogers in Farragut we found out that they were letting us stand inside the entrance! It was WARM....it was DRY....and (best of all) Mommy had my favorite treats with her in her pocket. Now all I had to do was look cute. (That was the easy part).

Because of the bad weather we didn't have a whole bunch of people come by, but the ones that did sure got a kick out of me. With those treats nearby, I used every opportunity to earn one! I shook hands, kissed and chased Mommy's bell when she tried to ring it. (Or was I trying to make her stop ringing it? They can sure get annoying!)

After awhile, though, I just got tuckered out from all of this "greeting" and looking cute. I gave a lot of thought about jumping up on that display couch behind us, but Mommy gave me one of her "looks" and I decided that she might hold out on the treats if I get on the furniture. Can't risk that.
So I just plopped right down in front of the bucket and went fast asleep. One man thought I was a stuffed animal. When he came to put money in the bucket and I stirred he about peed his pants! (Even I know better than to pee in the grocery store!!!!)

Our two hours were finally up and we packed up our bells and headed to Walmart for my first grocery shopping trip. I did really, really good (and got a lot of attention) until we went into the pet department to get Pickles the Cockateel some birdseed. I sniffed out some rawhide bones and had a little bit of trouble focusing on walking next to Mom after that.

Finally my day is over and I am sacked out with my toys on my sheepskin bed. My vest is hung up, my fur is dry, and my tummy is full. Life is good. By the way, did I mention that I now have my very own souvenir red bell?

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