Friday, December 18, 2009

Molly and Me!

This is Molly Marie. She is my foster parents grandaughter and the sister of Gavin. We call her Molly-pop. I am a little bit taller than her, but she is still able to stand up to me when I get pushy. In fact, she just giggles and pushes me back. She calls me "Arf". I am so lucky because Molly and Gavin come to see me almost every day. We have become very good friends.

Molly-pop is teaching me to share. She usually has these really cute pacifiers in her mouth and she will take it out of her mouth and pretend like she is giving it to me! When I start to take it from her, she puts it back in her mouth and laughs at me. She does this over and over and over again. So I have learned that after about three times, if I am very quick, and can run up to her and snatch it out of her mouth! She thinks that is funny, too, and she laughs at me and tries to snatch it back. I think it is so nice that she shares her "paci" with me. Why doesn't my foster family think so?

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