Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boundaries? What are Boundaries????

Today was a day of learning for me. It was mostly fun because my family was home most of the day, and Gavin and Molly spent the night last night so they were with me, too. I had a great night of sleep and have settled well into my kennel. I love my toys, and Mommy brought home some new ones for me yesterday, so I have a lot to choose from. I have squeaky toys, fluffy toys, rubber toys, rope toys, chewy toys....and two balls! Lots and lots to choose from.

My problem is....I choose Gavin and Molly's toys. Whatever they have in their hand is what I want to play with. Mommy kept taking their toys from me (after I took them from Molly and Gavin) and would tell me that "NO" word and stuff one of MY toys in front of me. I have a pouty face that I can use, but it didn't work on Mommy. I think she has had other pups with this same "possession" problem because she is on to all my pretending to not be interested in the toy until she walks away, then snatching it! She ALWAYS turns around and sees me. (I once heard that mommy's had eyes in the back of their heads. I think it's true).

So all day long I tried to figure out creative ways to play with the wrong toys, and all day she kept taking them away, saying NO, and giving me my own toy. Finally I just gave up and chewed up one of my own toys. (I really wanted to chew up Gavin's bat, but all I was able to do was get a couple of teeth marks in it before the "eyes" caught me).

Tonight I went to my toy box and one by one I brought every toy to my sheepskin bed. Then I crawled in and played with my toys. I heard my mommy say that I seemed to be learning about "boundaries". Heaven only knows what boundaries are!

I did get by with one thing today, for which I am very proud of myself. Mommy fell asleep on the couch watching a football game while everyone else was upstairs taking a nap. She thought I was asleep on my bed, too. But I was really watching her (with the eyes in the back of MY head). As soon as I saw that she was asleep, I snuck up on the couch with her and her fuzzy blanket and THEN I took my nap. Daddy found me there when he came downstairs about an hour later. So much for obeying that "no furniture" rule. It's all about timing!

Well, I'm very tired and ready to be kenneled for the night. It gets you really tired when you spend all day trying to learn about those boundary things.

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