Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is worse than living with Linni the Princess?

"Princess" Linni, my foster sister dog, is slowly getting used to me being around, even though she still pouts and ignores me. I can handle her snippy-ness. But this week, Zoe, my foster cousin, came for a Christmas visit. Zoe is a miniature pincher that belongs to Mommy's daughter, Bonni. What is worse than one princess in the house? Two princesses! Especially when one bites and growls at me! Zoe is pretty sure that SHE is the most welcomed guest and let's me know that I am the newest member of the family, giving her an undeserved status of seniority over me. She growls when I get too near to her, growls when I get too near Bonni, growls when I get too near Bonni's luggage...and growls, and growls. And if I get really close, she snaps at me. I am just a baby, so I don't know how to stand my ground yet, and even though I tower over her, she rules over me. All I want to do is play with her and be her friend.

And if that isn't bad enough, yesterday Mommy and I went for our regular neighborhood walk and the neighbor's chihuahua (Jerome) came out the door and charged after me and Mommy. I was quite frightened and tried to hide behind my Mommy but that crazy little dog kept biting at my back paws. I could SQUASH that dog if I wanted to!

One of these days I am going to learn to stand my ground and let those other dogs know who is really the boss...and definitely WHO is BIGGER!

Today, though, is off to a better start. Mommy and I got up really early to walk, but since it was very, very cold outside Mommy and I went "early-bird" shopping to finish up the Christmas shopping. Boy, they sure have slick floors in Penney's! I thought I was ice-skating! Somehow I managed to stay on my feet and make it around the store (getting plenty of attention, of course). Mommy said I was an angel and that I did very well. I have learned to sit when she is looking at clothes on the racks (I seem to do a lot of sitting...). The one thing that baffles me, though, are all these people who are standing around on little platforms being very, very still. I kept trying to "pick up their scent" but oddly they seem to not have one. Mommy told me I couldn't sniff them anymore...she said it looked tacky. Well, I think THEY are tacky because everyone else talks to me, but they just stare straight ahead and won't even acknowledge that I am trying to be their friend.

I hope my future home is NOT with their family!

Three days until Christmas! I am still being good, Santa. Don't forget me!

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