Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love Gavin and Molly!

It has been a great day! Mommy took me on my first walk to get acquainted with the neighborhood. There was so much to see out there, and I thought I would use the length of my leash to explore all that I could. Mommy wasn't too pleased with my behavior. Of course, she wasn't very pleased with Linni's behavior either. Linni is very insistent on walking at her chosen speed, which results in her choking on her collar. She gagged alot. She is a very slow learner.

When Mommy came home from work she played with me before putting me in the car for my first family outing and surprise. The big surprise turned out to be my new playmates, Gavin and Molly. Gavin is so excited to have me at his Nana's house to play with! He runs with me, plays tug of war, and gives me lots of hugs. Molly is just learning to walk so she heads in my direction and then falls on me when she gets near. I will have to definitely keep an eye on her.

Gavin is just my size, for now! I think I will be growing faster than him, though, since we are both the same size when we sit down and I am only 14 weeks old...252 weeks less than him!
We played and played, then I had to rest on my new sheepskin bed. I figured that by now, after that spin cycle on the washer, it had to be safe to lay on! All of my bedding and toys are now clean! I have fallen in love with the pink ostrich!

Whew, it was an exciting day! The good news is: I didn't make a single mess in the house today! Mommy is so proud of me! I think I have figured out that when she says the word "potty" she means "pee". Atleast that is what I do when she says it, and she gives me a treat when I do it.

Can't wait for tomorrow. I hear Mommy and Daddy are taking me on a very special outing! I will just cry for a little while when they put me in my crate...just enough to make them feel "needed".

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