Thursday, December 3, 2009

My big day as a community volunteer!

Today was a very exciting day! Mommy invited her office over for lunch and I got to meet some real "big time" dog lovers. I got so much attention. They said I was "adorable". I already knew that.
Not only did I get to go on two walks, but I got to serve as a community volunteer. Mommy and Daddy had signed up to ring the red bell for the Salvation Army and they took me along! I met so many new friends, and I feel that I am totally responsible for the generous givers that passed my way. They just could justify asking to pet me without making a donation.
Right off the bat I was very attracted to the red bells! I jumped up on Mommy several times to try to help her ring hers. (I was told to not jump, and made to sit down several times).
It was amazing how many people wanted to be my friend. Kids couldn't resist me! Mommy told people about me over and over and over. There were so many curious people! Everyone thought I looked pretty spiffy in my "sevice dog" jacket. I love being the center of attention and played my part well!
One man came up to mommy and said, "I think I should give this dollar to the cute dog". I agreed, so I took it in my mouth. Everyone thought that was so cute! When he came out again he decided to try it one more time and offered me another dollar. So I took that one, too. It reminded Mommy of the music grinder's monkey that takes money on street corners. I take money at Wal-mart!
Another man accused my Mommy of "playing dirty" by bringing me along. But he handed Mommy a $10 bill so I guess it was alright... Mommy seemed very pleased! Another man, after hearing my story, said he had an autistic grandson who could benefit from a dog just like me! (Hey! Who wouldn't benefit by owning me????) He also made a nice contribution.
I was so good that Mommy and Daddy decided I could accompany them to O'Charley's. The nice manager welcomed me in since I was wearing my jacket. After checking for crumbs I settled down on the floor under the table for a nice nap. Then it was home for some R&R and cozy time with Mommy before bed.
I loved being a "public servant" and I get to do it again next week. I will be adding a cute Santa hat to my wardrobe, so I should really rake in the money! Bet you can't wait for the picture!

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  1. Rhoni,
    How precious! How lucky are we at Wilderwood to have such a great foster mommy like you! It helps when you have such a precious baby like Bishop...but, you are amazing!! Thank you so much for writing this blog so we all can participate in this experience!! We really appreciate you!