Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hi! I'm Bishop the Foster Dog!

I have just arrived at my new foster home. Sadly, I had to leave my first foster home due to a family emergency, which was very sad. However, another couple have agreed to take me into their home, so my temporary name is Bishop Standefer...and my new foster parents are Grant and Rhoni.

Trainer Erin brought me to my new home, where we met my Wilderwood friend, Elaine, who immediately commented on my growth! Pretty much I am all legs...and hair. But my best feature is my cute little face.

Foster Mommy met me at the door, and right behind her was my new foster sister, Linni. I could tell right away that Linni was not one bit happy about giving up her status of being an only child. After the usual sniffing in places humans don't sniff, Linni pretty much just gave me the cold shoulder and walked away. (Mommy later explained that Linni thinks she is a princess).

I decided to get right down to business and mark my territory...first by pee-ing on the rug, then by making a deposit near the front door. That is when I was invited to explore my new yard. Luckily I had enough left in me to mark that area, too.

After my trainer answered my Mommy's questions and told her all about my eating habits, toys, snacks and Service Dog jacket, I was left to explore my new home. Although I am used to a kennel, Mommy made me a cozy little space in the laundry area, blocked off by a new gate. I had much more room to move around than in my kennel, and there was a new food bowl, a new water bowl, and a tub of toys just for me! There was also a sheepskin bed in the corner, which I am just not sure about. I have tried to decide if it is still a sheep or not...but even with coaxing I have decided to wait on making it my new bed.I figure that if it goes 2 hours without moving, it is probably dead and safe for me to lay down on.

The day had been exciting for me so Mommy and my new Daddy Grant decided I could have a little "down" time to get used to my new area. They headed out for a couple of hours, and I was left there alone. I threw some toys around, ate a little food...and then I felt that urge to poop. So I did. Then I played....in it.

When Mommy and Daddy came in the door I heard Mommy say, "Oh, yuck." I knew immediately that they smelled something they didn't like. Actually, I had been quite creative with what I had deposited in the floor. I had "paw painted" the laundry doors, bathroom door and back door a nice, gooey brown. All of my new toys were decorated as well, and my new sheepskin bed was no longer white. Best of all, I had gotten tired and laid down in what was left on the floor.

Mommy started gathering things up and throwing them in the laundry AFTER she put me outside. Some of my toys went in the bathroom sink, and everything else went into the garage. I couldn't believe how long it took her to get all those walls and doors washed off!

But that wasn't the end of it! Next was ME! She scooped me up and headed to the bathtub for my very first bath, which was really a lot of fun. I actually didn't want to get out when it was time! Then came the hairdryer to get me dry! I just laid right down and let her blow my tummy first. Mommy thought I would be scard, but I like the hairdryer too.

Well, the evening ended with Mommy getting the kennel out of the garage and assembling it for me. I didn't get to enjoy my new bed or toys because they were still in the washer, but Mommy made me a comfy bed of towels and (don't tell Linni!) put some of Linni's toys in with me. I howled a little but decided that when Mom said NO in her tough voice, I better not push it. After all, I've had a busy day of moving, marking and painting. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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