Thursday, December 17, 2009

My very first Christmas party!

First of all, don't make fun of my "Happy Holidogs" hat. I do not like it, and I don't even pretend to like it. I think it is itchy, the elastic bothers my ears, and everyone is so "goo-goo" towards me when I wear it. First chance I get, it will be eaten!
The good part about it, however, is that I wore it to my very first Christmas party. This was held at First Baptist Concord Church with all of my new friends at Helping Hands. We sang Christmas carols, and everyone got presents. (Well, I didn't get a present but mommy had brought me new treats and a new toy to play with). We discovered that I am very calm around wheelchairs and walkers, and do great with very "over-affectionate" people. I just like everyone! And I thrive on attention.....and treats!
My nose really perked up when they brought in the pizza. I don't know what all goes on one of those things, but I was eager to find out! (Mommy shut that idea down very quickly).
After about an hour of partying I got pretty tired and slept through the rest of the party. I am really doing good riding in the car, too. Sure hope Santa is watching my very good behavior today (to counteract my behavior earlier this week!)
I have really started to settle into my new foster home. I am calm and relaxed, enjoy laying in the living room while my family watches TV, and have been on my very best doggy behavior. Mommy is proud of me! And she is especially happy that I have not had any accidents in the house! When she says "potty" and points to a spot (outside, of course!), I give it my best "shot" at peeing right where she is pointing! I have also quit throwing a little fit when I am kenneled for the night, and I am sleeping all night long without messing in my kennel or waking up my family! (Santa, are you hearing this????) No more "naughty" list for me! I have become quite the charmer! They say I am a "keeper", whatever that means!

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