Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm an Angel.....a Snow Angel!

Today has been the most exciting day! While I was sleeping someone outside spread all of this white stuff all over the ground in my yard! When Daddy opened up the door to let me out, I was so suprised to see that my green yard had turned white...and very cold. The first problem was trying to decide how to squat down in this cold stuff to potty. I wasn't too sure about the steps down off of the deck, so I decided that the deck would work just fine as a place to pee. Daddy doesn't like this idea, though. I guess it is time to learn how to hike my leg!

My next discovery was...the stuff tastes good! Yes, it's like taking a drink, only softer. I wandered on out into the yard to find a place for my next order of business, but everytime I tried to poop my little bum would touch the snow! It took me a moment to realize this stuff was not going to go away in time, so I "bit the bullet" and "hit the snow". Once business was taken care of I realized that I was made precisely to play in this stuff...I come with a fur coat! I had the best time running....and running....and running....and running. Princess Linni was standing out in the yard with one of her front paws tucked up (she isn't the type to get her paws even a little wet or messy), so I decided she was the perfect height to practice my running hurdles. Mommy thought I was so funny, but Princess Linni did not! So, just like any other brother would, I kept on doing it over and over. (My new favorite pass-time is to agrivate that prissy pup. I have even learned how to eat my treat very fast, then go after hers...right out of her mouth. Mommy said I had to quit doing that. Maybe I will...maybe I won't. She is so funny when she tucks her tail under her and tries to look pathetic).
The next thing I learned how to do was lay in the snow and make snow angels by spreading out my legs. I did this all over the yard, so there are little "doggie body shapes" all over the yard.

I played in the snow so long that it caked on my fur! Finally Mommy made me come in and she wrapped me in a towel. Whew! That took all the energy right out of me. Time to cuddle up with my toys and settle in for a long winter nap. (I stole that line from the story Mommy was reading Gavin and Molly last night).

I hope we have a long, long, snowy, snowy winter. Mommy said something about getting more of this white stuff so we could make a snowman. I am not sure what that is, but I am going to learn to hike my leg because it sounds like something I might want to pee on!

Time for my nap! I added a picture of me imitating Santa with a white beard, and one of me making doggie snow angels. (Mommy added the naptime picture because she thought it was cute how I cuddled up to my toys. I am going to have to chew that camera up. Do you know how hard it is to sleep with a flash in your face????)

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  1. Too cute! Victoria thought the snow was awesome as well, and ran and twirled, played and licked at it. Thankfully she didn't try to roll in it!!
    My dachshunds however were not impressed.