Thursday, December 3, 2009

Practice has NOT made it perfect!

I would like to know who put that staircase in my new home???? Mommy laughs at me everytime I go up the stairs because I drag my tummy, then she laughs when I go down the stairs because I get to going too fast and crash into the front door at the bottom of the staircase.
Even though I have practiced and practiced, I just don't navigate those stairs very well.

What I do like about my new house is the fun places I have found to sleep. I try to find a hole or cubby to take my naps in. Mom has found me laying in Linni's toybox (okay, I admit that I was hanging out over the sides) tucked in behind the toilet (even the flushing toilet doesn't wake me) and under the bird cage table (which the bird hates so it makes it even more fun to lay there!). My favorite place, though, is up against a wall with my feet straight up. I have also fallen in love with my sheepskin bed, which lays in front of the fireplace. I like to lay on it when Mommy and Daddy are watching TV. I have so many places to choose from!

Personally, I would like to sleep in bed with Mommy, but she always uses that tacky word "NO" which I have found out means that whatever I am doing or trying to do, it better stop. Oh, well. At least she loves on me when I obey!

Tomorrow is Friday! Gavin and Molly will be back to play! Hooray!

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