Monday, December 7, 2009

I love those Helping Hands friends!

I've had such a fun, fun morning. After a very brisk walk with Mommy and Daddy early this morning, I had a few minutes to eat and rest before I went on a field trip to visit with my new friends at Helping Hands. These friends all meet three times a week at First Baptist Concord Church to work together to do special projects and activities together...mostly things that help others! All of my friends at Helping Hands are adults and each have special needs. It was a great opportunity for me to visit friends in wheelchairs, or those who have trouble with motor skills and other special situations. As you would expect, I was very well received! Everyone hugged on me, and I passed out a ton of kisses. They admired my very chic jacket, too.
I was so well loved that Mommy and I were invited to their Christmas Party next week! I heard something about someone bringing Christmas cookies!!!! Count me in! (But don't tell Mommy about the cookies!)

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