Friday, December 18, 2009

My visit with Santa

Today I met Santa for the very first time! I was very fascinated with his long, white beard, as well as the fact that he was passing out candy canes. He made an appearance at the Joni and Friends Christmas party at Farragut Church of Christ for all of their friends with disabilities
and their family members. Even though the weather was really wet and very cold, we had a great time with the ones that were able to weather the storm and join in the fun. There was a lot of food (thank you to all who dropped things under the table!) and lots of entertainment from all of those who sang karaoke. I got a ton of attention, especially from the children! The only "not so fun" thing is that my mommy made me wear my Santa hat again.

But the highlight was truly getting to meet Santa and sniff him. (I know this sounds silly, but he kinda smelled like a deer!!!) He scratched my ears with his gloves on, and I loved it! He's definitely a jolly ol' fellow. He asked what I wanted for Christmas and I told him that I was wishing for a very special family that will need me to help them when I get a little bit older. He promised to start the search really soon, and feels like he will be able to find the perfect match for me when I get ready to be a full-time service dog. He has some elves named Erin, Tiffany and Elaine that specialize in just those kind of special requests. Now I have an incentive to really be a good dog this year!
When I got home from the party I was exhausted and have now fallen asleep...with those sugarplums dancing in my head again. Life is good...and it's going to get better. Thanks, Santa!

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