Monday, December 14, 2009

In case I seem different to you....

It's been a very rough day for me. After spending a very fun weekend with my babysitter, Erin the Trainer (along with her zoo of other pets), I was dropped off at another location and told my mommy would be by this afternoon to pick me up. It wasn't long after that when I was put on a table and suddenly felt very, very sleepy.

When I woke up I felt very fuzzy in my little brain...and very wierd in the opposite part of my body...kind of like a part of me was missing. When I tried to talk, my voice had risen quite distinctively to a much higher pitch. (I thought I was supposed to be turning into a fine young gentleman doggie with a nice deep bark, but I just don't feel so masculine anymore.)

Mommy did come pick me up this afternoon and I, still feeling a little woozy, slept all the way home. Mommy sure has been babying me alot and would not let me play with Gavin and Molly (not that I felt like playing). I also have a terrible itch down under my tail and mommy gets on to me when I try to scratch it with my teeth. So I just cuddled up in my nice warm little sheepskin bed with a soft, warm blanket. I sure am hoping that tomorrow I feel more like myself...but something tells me I am just not the same dog I used to be.

P.S. What does the word "neuter" mean?

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